Process Capabilities

NY-PEMC  provides foundry services for standard or customer-supplied designs and custom process development and research for a complete device flow as well as individual fabrication modules.

The open baseline flow for 1.7kV MOSFET available to PEMC customers includes access to a process design kit (PDK) to aid the design of discreet components, development of optimized and next generation designs, and facilitates simulation of device performance on the physical level as well as a part of package, complete power conversion system, or a more complex circuit.

For additional information on the gate oxide and gate-stack reliability, qualification reports of full devices and SiC MOSFET datasheets, a list of standard processes, processing equipment offered and other specific questions please fill out the information request form.

Silicon Carbide Process Capabilities

  • Photolithography resolution down to 0.3 µm feature with 0.04 µm alignment accuracy
  • Thermal oxidation and gate stack processes
  • Films deposition and etch
  • High temperature implant
  • High temperature implant anneal
  • Backside metal deposition
  • Ni, Al, Ni/Au deposition and etch
  • Inline parametric and reliability electrical testing and characterization
  • SiC defect inspection and yield management
  • Open baseline for 1.7kV MOSFET based on General Electric technology
  • Custom development and manufacturing

Facilities and Infrastructure

  • Class-1 capable cleanroom with ISO-9001 quality MES controls and ESD protection
  • Capacity to produce 50,000 wafers per year
  • New equipment specified for 200 mm, capable of processing 150 mm wafers
  • Full complement of metrology and analytical equipment
  • Extensive SiC materials analysis capability with leading edge surface inspection equipment
  • Incoming SiC wafer surface inspection to electrical probe yield prediction capability