Consortium membership includes access to

  • NY-PEMC’s ISO 9001 certified SiC production facility with ultimate SiC production output up to 50,000 wafers/year
  • NY-PEMC’s ISO 9001 certified advanced power electronic device packaging facilities with dedicated lines for industrial, aerospace, and pilot prototyping
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing-scale equipment for device and process development using member company’s flow or consortium’s 1.7kV baseline MOSFET flow, based on General Electric technology
  • Full complement of metrology and analytical equipment
  • Cost-effective development and manufacturing scale up to high volume manufacturing
  • SUNY Poly’s proven environment for partnership development and IP protection

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Active engagement with NY-PEMC provides member companies

  • Ability to participate in, define and drive consortia activities that are in the member company’s best interest
  • Potential to coordinate and drive vertical alignment with existing company partners or new ones from NY-PEMC
  • Ability to develop new packaging solutions for current and future applications
  • Access to new partnerships with supply chain companies, start-ups, application-specific companies, as well as large multi-national customers and vendors
  • Ability to access a wide range of New York state tax and funding incentives